Mentorship Round Table: The Round-Up

Wow! This is apparently a hot topic, and there were a ton of great submissions from everyone. Thanks to everyone who participated! I’m going to post the links to everyone’s posts (in no particular order) and give you a brief snapshot of what they’re about. Perspectives range from those who don’t want or need mentors, to those who pine for them, and to others who grateful for the ones they’ve had. Happy traffic and pagerank to you all.

I Want What You Have – The New Mentorship My post on mentorship explores a new definition and criteria for mentorship – wanting what that person has. I also introduce you to the village of mentors I have. As someone said, “Wow. Sounds like you have a lot of support.” Yeaaaaaaah…

Moving On From A Mentor or Friend Steve Errey goes back to our original Twitter conversation about what happens when you outgrow a friend or mentor. He says that besides the natural wearing away of time, there are only two good reasons to move on. Read his post to find them out. And I love that he uses our original tweets to make his points.

Are Mentors Just A Myth? Chris Catania is the third player in the original Twitter conversation. Chris hasn’t had a mentor since he outgrew his at the age of 22, and our tweeting stirred up “wish I had a mentor” feelings in him.

Mentoring Will Change Your Life From the folks who inspired the round table concept, Lance encourages readers to actively seek out people to mentor. He provides examples of times in his life when he wishes he had a mentor, and makes the case for anyone with a strong suit to find someone to mentor in that area.

I Don’t Need A Mentor Jun Loayaza has never had a mentor, in his idea of the word, and isn’t sure he wants one. He sees people as teammates or partners rather than mentors. Jun even throws in a little Buddhism.

6 Ways to Find Your Next Mentor Steph Auteri thinks you need a mentor. And this lady’s gonna tell you where to find them. From the classroom to your peers to your book shelf, Steph breaks it down.

If The Mentor Shoe Fits, Wear It Michelle Poteet shares about a pushy boss who wants to be a mentor. And coins this little gem: “… a great mentor is like a fabulous pair of pumps. Nice on the outside, but can definitely push you to the limits on the inside.”

The Golden Rules of Mentorship Carlos Miceli warns against deifying your mentors, relying on them for too much, and gives advice as to mentor selection. He dedicates the post to his own set of mentors.

Who Are Your Mentors? Matthew Egan remembers his mentors, including his grandfather, and talks about the journey from friendship to mentorship. He sees his mentors in hindsight, figures who emerged to lead him forward.

Of Mentor and Countrypeople Jess Commins has a mentor to thank for the miserable failing of her dream business. But she really means it. And she goes from blog-reader to being coached by the blogger. Like me, she pays some of her mentors too.

You Need A Mentor Edward Antrobus is desperately seeking mentors. He may have found one – and shocker – she’s younger than him.

Mentors | How Important Are They To Your Success? Hani is the only video blog entry! And she’s so cute and fun to watch! Oh, and there’s substance there too. Hani talks about the stereotypical mentor and whether or not we need them to succeed.

My Mentor Jacki Welsh’s mentors have always been teachers. One in particular, an Elvis-loving English teacher, made her a writer at grade 7.

I’ve Never Had a Mentor, and That’s OK Ryan Paugh adds to the anti-mentor movement. His post opens with a would-be mentor turning him down, and swiftly moves from hate to friendship to self-sufficiency.

Mentors . . . Carol Kiphart has a hard time concentrating on the subject dealing with a personal crisis, but she manages to remember a few of her mentors in her time of distress. She leaves off with the thought that mentorship is like love: it doesn’t come knocking until the moment we think we don’t need it.

Mentorship is a Gift We Give and Receive Melissa Marks Garner is embarking on a year-long journey to make her dreams come true with a life coach and 7 other individuals, people she hopes might be “mentors-in-the-making.”

Mentor Me This, Mentor Me That Gerard McLean sees his lack of mentors as “support system of bumper rails without risk of co-dependency.” Fearing he’s failed past mentees, he sees his blog as a replacement for his desire to mentor.

What I Learned From My Mentor Chris Silk typically writes about drama in the confines of his local Starbucks, but he breaks from that to share a beautiful story about growing up in a poor, rural town and how he went from not knowing how to read to being in a highly selective Gifted & Talented program.

My First Blogging Round Table: Mentors Sara Martisek proves it’s never too young to have outgrown a mentor. At 22 and preparing to graduate, she has two others already.

Give Me Failure, or Give Me Death In true RestlessLikeMe fashion, Andrew Norcross doesn’t want anything you’ve got unless you failed getting there. Best line: “Pain is learning.”

On Generosity and Gold Dust: Lessons From A Mentor Jenny Blake’s entry includes a giveaway of her mentor’s book! Her mentor teaches her about generosity and living the dream.

How To Get and Keep a Mentor (And Why I’ve Been So Guarded Lately) Monica O’Brien submits an older post for your approval. Her advice is on not only how to select a mentor, but how to be a good mentee. Six great tips here.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! If you didn’t make the deadline, no worries. Feel free to post it in the comments section. If I get enough, maybe I’ll do a round-up #2.

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